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Research and Development
i-SHIP products are developed by Toyo Hakko Co., Ltd.

The research and development of i-SHIP products is all conducted by Toyo Hakko Co., Ltd., a member of our Group.
It is because development is conducted by our group companies that we can use the best ingredients generously without compromise.
We will support everyone with our unbeatable product power.

Infinite possibilities of fermentation and our unique fermentation technology.
In the 28 years since our establishment, we are the only company in the world to create high-function, high added-value, and creative functional materials from natural materials through fermentation.
In the 20th century, humans produced useful substances (functional substances) through organic synthesis.
The 21st century-type synthesis that Toyo Hakko proposes does not rely on organic synthesis but raises the level to synthesis through fermentation from the cohabitation of humans and microorganisms to produce useful substances.

Research and development conducted at Toyo Hakko Co., Ltd.

Fermentation technology backed by history

● Twenty-eight years of research and developmentand manufacture of natural functional materials that are at the core of health foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products
● Selected as an Aichi Brand Company out of 350,000 companies in Aichi, the land of Monozukuri (0.05% of the companies)
● Powerful research structure comprising more than 50 researchers, 12 professors and doctors, and 102 external researchers in Japan and overseas
● Coherent responsible manufacturing structure: Agriculture (raw materials) ⇒Manufacture raw materials ⇒ Manufacture products ⇒ Quality Control
● A cooperative backup system from the medical and agricultural fields, NPOs, government and academic institutions.

Toyo Hakko Co., Ltd.Obtained ISO 9001 certification

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