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Long life with value full of beauty and health<Creating a Good Life>
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Company Overview

Company name i-SHIP Co., Ltd.
Head Office [i-SHIP Tokyo Head Office]
3F Ginza Musashino Building, 7-17-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Toll-free: 0120-66-2525
Representative President & CEO Tadamasa Shimizu
Capital 10 million yen
Business details Sales of health food products, cosmetics, etc.
Health & Beauty Information Service
Member Organizations National Association for Direct Selling and Distribution

Toyo Hakko Group

Toyo Hakko Co., Ltd.

Toyo Hakko Co., Ltd. Core company that conducts high quality product development using cutting edge fermentation technology
Sukoyaka Foods K.K. Develop and provide high-quality and accessible basic supplements
Society for the Promotion of Preventive Medicine (NPO) To further spread and develop preventive medicine
For You K.K. Creating products with a focus on “water and salt”, the basics of food and health

i-SHIP is composed of: i-SHIP Co., Ltd., which creates the environment for member activities, provides the best products and services, and provides support; the companies of the Toyo Hakko Group led by Toyo Hakko Co., Ltd., who develop and manufacture the products; and all our members who are our loyal customers and distributors.
The three bonds that are created synergistically will generate a great force, and we will move forward, hand in hand.
Additionally, we are cooperating with scientists, companies, physicians, and many fellows throughout the world.
Together with our members, we will create a community for the next generation based on lofty ideals and beliefs, and a true sense of economy.

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